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Photos of Didsbury by photographer Carla Victor.
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Seniors Backyard BBQ July 20 - Posted: Mon, July 16, 2018, 07:15 pm
Few things spell summer like the sizzle of a grill at a backyard barbecue. Not only is grilling in the backyard a great way to enjoy the fabulous summer sun and experience nature, but it's also a way to build community as an activity that can be shared with family, friends and neighbours.

Barbecue for Didsbury Seniors.And that's exactly what's happening on Friday, July 20th when Seniors Supports Services hosts a Backyard BBQ Lunch and Games for our seniors.

All seniors are invited to join in under the canopies out in the back yard at Didsbury Neighbourhood Place (1606 - 14th Street). The fun runs from 12 - 3 pm.

To make sure there's enough vittles for everyone, please call 403-335-8719 to pre-register or for more details.

Remember to consider wearing long sleeves, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses and, of course, strong sunscreen to help you stay sun-safe.

If you can't make this one, not to worry. There's another Seniors BBQ on Friday, August 17th.

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