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Photos of Didsbury by photographer Carla Victor.
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Council Passes Budgets - Posted: Wed, Feb 14, 2018, 01:36 pm
At the February 13 Regular Council Meeting the Didsbury Town Council discussed and passed the Town's 2018 Operational and Capital Budgets. Council had been deliberating both these budgets since early November shortly after they took office.

Didsbury - The Place to Grow.Prior to the February Regular Council Meeting, Council considered the budgets at 2 other Regular Council Meetings gathering information from administration and input and reaction from residents. It was a considerable undertaking for a brand new Council with an extremely steep learning curve.

The Operational Budget features a number of highlights both of interest and benefit to the residents of Didsbury including:
* a $30,000 Grant to the Didsbury Museum,
* $15,400 for improvements to the new Town Office,
* $44,500 Cost of Living increase to staff wages,
* $5100 for body cameras for the safety of our Enforcement Officers
* $75,000 to Public Works reserves to fund capital projects in the future,
* $40,000 to advance the implementation of the Signage Project,
* $70,000 to demolish the Old Fire Hall, and
* $15,000 for Engineering Cost associated with the Library Expansion.
* No increase for water and wastewater
* Decrease in solid waste

The $11,219,797 Operating Budget was unanimously passed by Council following a thorough discussion by Councillors and residents amid a full and lengthy agenda.

The Capital Budget, also passed at the February 13 Regular Council Meeting, included at number of project being undertaken by the Public Works, Protective Services, Administration and Recreation including:

* Sound suppression in the new Town Office,
* Town Office parking lot and doors repair/upgrade,
* Municipal Enforcement vehicle camera,
* an emergency generator for the fire hall,
* 23rd Street road repair/upgrade and sidewalks,
* Replacement/upgrade of a number of pieces of equipment,
* a second set of Solar Pedestrian Crossing lights for a crosswalk at Ross Ford/Westglen, and
* repair of the Curling Rink Roof.

The $2,001,590 Capital Budget was also unanimously passed by Council following an open discussion between Council, members of the gallery and Town Administration.

Council will establish the Mill Rate following the Financial Audit, expected to be late in April.

During deliberations, Council commented the on the difficult choices they were forced to make in the interest of the taxpayers of Didsbury.

Both budgets will be available for viewing on the Town website in the next few days.

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