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Photos of Didsbury by photographer Carla Victor.
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Didsbury is a safe community - Posted: Wed, Feb 14, 2018, 10:18 am
Staff Sergeant Chad Fournier was in attendance at the February 13th Council meeting to provide updates on the Didsbury RCMP Detachment's statistics to the end of 2017.

RCMP stats for Didsbury Alberta"I must say Didsbury is a very safe community to live in," said Fournier.

Some of the highlights include:
* Assaults were down from a high in 2014 of 54 to a low of 35 in 2017. "These are calls that are reported," said Fournier, "that is, 35 investigations, not necessarily 35 assaults."
* Property offences were down from a high of 666 in 2016 to 513 in 2017. Major decreases were in "Thefts Under $5,000" (179 to 126) and "Mischief to Property" (at 160, down from an incredible high of 291 in 2016).
* There were very few Drug Enforcement investigations (13 in 2017, down from 22 the previous year), and 10 under the Liquor Act. But people are still not abiding by the Municipal Bylaws, as those numbers were up to 42 from 36 in 2016.
* There were 47 reportable Property Damage Motor Vehicle investigations.

He also reminded Council, and the residents in the Gallery, that many of the car thefts are crimes of opportunity, where people have left their keys in the ignition or their cars running.

While it might seem like a great idea to warm your car up in the morning, you might as well put a bow on your car. Car thieves will simply hop in the car, put it in drive, and go.

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