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Photos of Didsbury by photographer Carla Victor.
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#9PMRoutine worth a shot - Posted: Thur, Nov 16, 2017, 11:38 am
Didsburians want to do everything they can to be a safe community and to maintain the quality of life we expect in our community. Here's an idea we could turn into a "culture of use" in our town.

Lock up your car. Lock up your garage. Take valuable inside.We have all seen an upsurge in stolen motor vehicles and motor vehicle burglaries. Too many times RCMP say these vehicles were unlocked or keys were left inside the stolen vehicles.

Peering through the windows of parked cars, officers say even small items such as designer sunglasses or a cupholder full of change can be enticing to a would-be thief. The bad guy tries the handle of a car door to see if it's unlocked. It's quick, but if he can't get in, he'll move on.

Everyone has things they do before they go to bed. Locking your car door may seem like a routine thing to do, but many times people forget. So let's stop and give each other a friendly reminder to lock our doors - cars, garage, bikes - make sure everything is locked up.

Use your social media accounts and type #9PMRoutine and help your neighbours remember to lock up. This simple activity could keep you from becoming a victim of a crime.

Slip out, remove the stuff in your car, and lock up. Make it part of your "before you go to bed" routine. A moment of your time now will prevent hours of calls canceling your credit cards.

Fighting Crime is a Team Sport

Let's all do it! Lock your doors and secure your valuables! #9PMRoutine

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