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Weather Station Sensor SuiteThe Didsbury Weather Station consists of five individual and separate components; an Integrated Sensor Suite (pictured right), a Weather Console, a computer interface, a Weather Reporting Software package, and an Internet Web Server. The Integrated Sensor Suite contains the sensors that measure the various weather variables. It includes a thermometer, rain gauge, heat sensor, anamometer, wind direction indicator, humidity sensor, lazer projector and receiver, and pressure sensor. Each sensor measures a specific weather variable and delivers it, via cable, to the Weather Console. The Weather Console collects and stores the data provided by the sensors and performs a variety of calculations to derive non-measured weather conditions. A specialized cable is used to provide the interface between the Weather Console and the Internet Web Server. On the Internet Webserver, the Weather Reporting Software package receives the weather data from the Weather Console and prepares it for delivery over the Internet through various mediums. The result is the Didsbury Weather Station website providing up-to-the-minute Didsbury weather data and a variety of other reports.

The Didsbury Weather Station is located one-half mile east of the Didsbury Hospital overlooking the town of Didsbury. The anemometer is mounted thirty feet off the ground in keeping with the aviation wind measurement standard. Barometric Pressure is adjusted to Sea Level readings, the standard used consistently throughout Weather Stations around the world. All measurements are reported in metric units, the accepted standard for Canada.

While many of the weather measurements appearing on the Didsbury Weather Station page are common, others may not be terms the average person is familiar with. The Heat Index is the temperature the body feels when heat and humidity are combined. Heat Index values are based upon shady, light wind conditions. Exposure to direct sunlight can increase the Heat Index by up to 8C. Wind chill is referred to as the sensible temperature or the temperature you "feel". Outside or ambient temperature is the actual temperature of the air at the Weather Station ignoring the effects of wind and humidity. Wind chill takes into account the effect of wind on the temperature and represents what it will "feel" like outside. Scientifically wind chill is reported as the heat loss in watts per square meter of surface area.

Weather forecasting is a science unto itself. Meteorologists use a variety of current conditions and trends to estimate what the weather conditions will be one day, two days or even more, into the future. It is important to recognize that all weather forecasts are estimates, educated guesses at what is to come. No forecast is infallible and no forecast should be used as a definitive indicator of what weather conditions will be a some point in the future. Weather forecasts are simply an educated guess based on a variety of indicators. Weather conditions are continually changing and as such, forecasts must be continually updated. The Didsbury Weather Station is affiliated and registered with the Weather Underground Network consisting of over 180,000 private weather stations and over 12,000 national and public weather stations. It is through the Weather Underground Network that the MyDidsbury.ca Weather Station delivers a weather forecast. The forecast is updated every 15 minutes from data collected from our weather station and other weather stations in our area. While we attempt to assist you by providing weather forecasts, the only weather conditions that are absolute are those recorded in history and those happening outside right now. As a general rule of thumb, if a meteorologist tells you there is a 30% chance of rain, there's a 70% chance he's wrong. We advise you not to base any weather critical events on our forecasts. You will notice in some instances we give any probability indicators in our forecast. Please be advised that we could be 100% wrong.

The Didsbury Weather Station and the weather data it provides has been made possible through the efforts and support of Windsor Graphics. Windsor Graphics recognizes the benefit a Didsbury Weather Station provides to Didsbury businesses, residents and visitors. Be sure to visit the Windsor Graphics website and e-mail Kathleen with your comments about the Didsbury Weather Station.

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